Portraits of Animals

Say hello to my little friends

Steve’s Dog

I love this picture. It feels very proper and intellectual, but then it’s hilarious and I laugh.


This is another one of my favourite pictures. Personally I like it because of its imperfections. But the angel and lighting are also pretty interesting. The red toy makes it complete.

Deep Thoughts

I stumbled into this gem when I was going through my pictures. I can’t describe it but I really like it.

Princess Charlie

Not in a million years do I think a dog will ever pose like this for me again.

Angry Reggie is Angry

This is a baby Bengal kitty. I always knew he was up to no good.

Prestigious Petrie

He looks so macho and heroic…and then you see the size of him compared to my foot.

Life Long Friend

My life long friend growing up. Unfortunately she’t not with us anymore but she was an amazing dog.

Boo The Not So Scary Rat

He’s actually pretty cute.

Beagle Loving Life

Out walking one day and I met this happy little fellow.

Porcupine Pal

Ice climbing behind Calabogie and I ran into this fuzzy critter. He was pretty cool, let me take his picture.


I like him because he’s chillin’ on a couch.