Photoshoping a Zombie

Transforming my friend Nick

Lucky for me it was a sunny day

Black and White

I started by creating a black and white layer above the original picture. Adjusting the contrast and brightness levels.

Early Burning and Blending

Blending the black and white layer with the original layer and using the burn tool shows some early results.

Early Texture Blending

The texture comes from a picture of paint peeling on a deck I took. Loads of colour correction later and some early blending results in this.

More textures Blended and deepening of overall colours

I adjusted the overall brightness of the picture by doing some layer overlays and colour corrections. I then took bark from a tree to work out more detailed texture. I took a lot of time on the eye area.

Crazy Touchups and Detail Overload

Lots of detail. Blending more textures, the zits are actually pictures of ice from my ice climbing adventure. I also added veins to the other side of his face.

This was the most time consuming period and detailed part of ironing out the textures. After I had everything I needed I could work on the overall feeling with the tone of the colours.