Working with Github

Simple Command Line Reminder Cheatsheet

Navigate to repository directory.

Open Directory

cd c:/sites/my-repository

List Directories.


Clone Repository

git clone

Commiting Files and Changes.

Git pull most recent changes

git pull

Add new files or changes

git add -A

Commit with message

git commit -m "this is my commit message"

Push changes and files to repo

git push

git branches.

Pull most recent changes

git pull

Create new branch

git branch name_of_branch

Push branch to repository

git push origin name_of_branch

Switch to branch - Checkout branch

git checkout name_of_branch

List Repository Branches

git branch

Committing to branch

Make sure you're in your branch

git checkout name_of_branch

Pull most recent copy

git pull

Add files and changes

git add -A

Commit files, changes and message

git commit -m "my message to myself and others"

Push the files to the repository branch

git push --set-upstream origin name_of_branch

Switching branches

git checkout name_of_branch
git pull

Merging Branches

Checkout Branch - In this case we're merging back to master

git checkout master
git pull

Merging the branch

git merge name_of_branch

Push the merge

git push origin master

Revert to commit including all files

Checkout branch to revert

git checkout name_of_branch

Reset to revision number

git reset --hard commit# 

Clean up the files

git clean -fd

Add the reverted setup

git add -A

Commiting the reverted setup

git commit -m "reverting back all files to this"

Force add might be needed

git push origin master --force

Git Pages

Git pages are automatically hosted git repositories. Repository Settings -> Automatic Page Generator

Select any theme, we'll merge our master repository with the github pages branch. Then our site will be deployed after

After setting up the page you'll notice a gh-pages branch with your repository

git branch

Checkout the gh-pages branch

git checkout gh-pages

Pull gh-pages files

git pull

Manually delete default files

Now merge in the master branch

git merge master

Add all the files

git add -A

Commit the files and message

git commit -m "merging master to gh-pages"

Pushing the files to the gh-pages branch

git push

Working with remote repositories

remote repository

git remote add [name] [protocol://path.git]

git remote add wordpress

A quick test to list all the repositories

git remote -v

This will list my repository as the origin and the WordPress repository as wordpress.

Remember, it's git remote add [name I've set] [path]

$git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
wordpress (fetch)
wordpress (push)

git fetch

git fetch wordpress

This will do its git thing, and come back with a list of branches and tags from the WordPress repository.

Something like this will be returned.

* [new branch]    3.5-branch -> wordpress/3.5-branch
* [new branch]    3.6-branch -> wordpress/3.6-branch 
* [new branch]    3.7-branch -> wordpress/3.7-branch
* [new branch]    3.6-branch -> wordpress/3.6-branch
* [new branch]    master     -> wordpress/master from
* [new tag]    ->
* [new tag]       2.0.1      -> 2.0.1
* [new tag]       2.5        -> 2.5      

Now we'll pull in the files of the master branch.

pull = get files, push = transfer my changes

git pull wordpress master

And downloading of the files will begin.

git pull wordpress master

Git add / commit reminder

git add .

git commit -m "I'm committing WordPress. Horray"

git push origin master

git add .(all)
git commit -m "message"
git push origin(my-repository) master(master branch)